Sunday, June 15, 2014


When we walked round Chelmsford Cathedral the other day, we did not go inside, but today I remembered the painted modern window we had seen a couple of years ago. Painted by Mark Cazalet, which I had put on an old blog.  The symbolism  can be found in the words below, St Cedd is sitting under his tree, the eldest of four brothers and a Northern saint.

This painting is rather beautiful, formed of five panels. The tree is an oak, on the right hand side we find St.Cede sitting under it in a tranquil scene of golden corn but on the left, the tree is dying and depicts the environmental degradation we subject our land to. Also there is a skeleton on this side, this is Judas Iscariot, 30 pieces of silver falling from his skeletal hand, a reminder that the oil rigs that we see in the picture is the price we are paying for the destruction of the Earth; the painting has several messages, and there is a certain pagan air to it, the great tree so much a symbol of other religions stands tall and magnificent centre stage, highlighted by the gold of the sun, but up above the moon shines, a darkening sky signifying the threat of coming disaster.


  1. What a fabulous window, and imbued with layers and layers of meaning and inference. (Of course, I shall have to check out st Cedd, not having come across him before.)

    Ah, that Hardy poem. I think each resented the other from quite early on in the marriage, for varying reasons, and it doesn't sound like they improved with keeping does it?!

  2. Hi Jennie, written about him elsewhere (the link I have just put up) managed to visit the village of Lastingham in Yorkshire twice, and the very old church set out on the marshes at Bradwell to.
    Will always love Hardy for his gloominess, but perhaps I should a biography as well.