Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Odds and sods

Yesterday we went shopping in Chelmsford, which is not strictly true, I needed some more birdseed for the doves, shopping tends to exhaust me, so I don't do it, preferring the ease you can order things online.  But I also took back some books for Oxfam,  a couple by Hilary Mantel  which I can't get on with so her books went back mostly unread.  Picked up a rather good edition of Lark Rise to Candleford and that scary novel 'Woman in Black' by Susan Hill.  Which I read last night and had a nightmare about it.
Carl Larsson, almost a nursery print.
The other day we were watching a programme about art and the work of Carl Larsson appeared, and his wife Karin's decoration of their Scandinavian home.  Interesting fact is that Ikea is somewhat predicated on these pair, I like Ikea just for wandering around looking at their room settings, the furniture tends to leave me cold though. I had a couple of prints of Carl Larsson of the interior of their house, the painted surfaces and furniture and the fabrics most of which Karin designed on a hand loom.

the flouncy pink of a beautiful peony

Pretty caterpillar

The peony a bit bedraggled in the garden

A good copy of Flora Thompson's book, with, I note, a foreword by Massingham.


  1. I have that same copy of LRTC. The book is one which it is a joy to revisit and reread. Love the Peony, and the caterpillar takes me back to the house I grew up in as we always had those on the apple tree. I am SO glad that you don't get on with Hilary Mantel's writing, I thought it was just me until a Doctor friend said she couldn't hack them either. I find her writing constipated and I just can get into the story.

    1. Funnily enough, picking some parsley the other day and wondering why it looked so thin, almost chopped up a parsley green caterpillar hiding in the leaves as well, it must have been dining on it ;). The word 'constipated' is the exact word I would have used if I'd thought about it for Mantel's writing.

    2. I have it too! I'm not a big fan of Hilary Mantel either.....

    3. See you enjoyed Scotland, most have been a very popular edition that Lark Rise book....