Friday, June 20, 2014

This and that

The Scapegoat by William Holman Hunt

"a terrible image of the world as a god-forsaken wasteland, a heap of broken images where the sun beats".

This morning as I listened to the news and Britain's defeat in football (I hate football) my mind turned instinctively to the above image, who would resign/get sacked when the team came back to England. Now on looking at this sad picture and listening to the other far more serious news, all I can say is that religion has a lot to answer for, why on earth did we invent it I wonder....

But it was not all doom and gloom in the email department, after the costly court case over where Richard 111's bones should be buried, Mike Pitts posted this video from the Horrible Histories on Richard, in the usual lighthearted fashion that says history should not be seen as terribly serious, and perhaps our children will learn a lot more when learning both sides of the argument

When Matilda my granddaughter was young, apart from being called Flossie, she was also called Boudicca, a name that suited her well, and she introduced me to the Horrible Histories 'Boudicca' a bouncy song you would have to admit.  As we often travel along the A12, LS is sure to say something about Boudicca's long march along it too bring so much suffering on the Romans in London, Colchester and St. Albans.  This pagan tribal leader did indeed wreak havoc, and if only she had had some military discipline in her large army we may now have been living under a different regime - did the gods not favour the hare she let loose I wonder.

Coffee calls soon, and tomorrow we go to the Roman Bartlow Mounds, as our celebration Solstice, these large magnificent barrows represent that 'edge' between pagan and christianity.

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