Monday, June 30, 2014


As I wandered round watering the garden this morning, so many pots in this small garden, I was struck by all the little wasp like creatures around the flowers.  The ecology of a garden is quite marvellous to see, always stay the hand when greenfly/blackfly appear, their predators will soon appear on the scene to demolish them. If they are too bad, a light squirt with weak washing up liquid.  Bumble bees buzz round the bean flowers, hopefully bringing on a large crop, whilst the courgettes have produced loads of fruit, though we are now in the middle of their season, waiting for the next batch to appear.
Photos from our walk along the river the other day, hawker dragonflies were out, the damselflies are slowly disappearing their job done for the season.  What I notice along the river bank is the prolific growth of weeds in the shape of nettles.  Nitrogen is of course responsible for strong growth, so whether it comes from the river or the fields that lie either side, who knows. But the scruffy boats that line the beginning of the walk are a bit of an eyesore.  Now if you were to get nearer London and the Thames, you would see the 'rolls-royces' of the boat world moored alongside river homes, a proud statement of the class system that still prevails.


For sale

needs a good scrub

Old willow splitting

Eco-Warriors Sea-Shepherd video of boats travelling through France to try and stop the slaughter of the Pilot Whales of the Faroe Islands....


  1. I love these photos of beautiful wild countryside Thelma - much prefer it to the posh stuff around the Thames.

  2. My socialist nature tends to spy differences;) but I was interested in all the reeds that managed to struggle free of the nettles..


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