Monday, November 24, 2014


It is Matilda's birthday at the beginning of next month though they have already been out celebrating at Cafe Rouge, probably in Leeds this weekend. She will become a teenager, bright and intelligent, always dancing when she was young, I have caught her in this photo listening with great intent to LS, she was the only one to master some Japanese words.  LS is a little scared of my two grand daughters, he was shattered last visit when they unlocked his briefcase in a matter of minutes, sussing his code for the lock.  How did they do that he asked me several times, but it is a long explanation to tell a male that females are both intuitive and equally as clever as males ;)
She is opinionated and speaks directly to the point, and during her early years fought her father with a mulish stubborn nature, he of course adores her.... I had to make her rag dolls when she was a baby, lost two of them along the way, and I remember her toddling into the room about to have a paddy. She found her rag doll, carefully laid down in the doorway (so that we would all trip over her) and then let forth her howls of rage....
Her mother messaging on Facebook said she had just won a prize for her peace poster, and I suspect Matilda will also go to university though whether it will be an art college is another matter.  Four grandchildren, all growing up fast.  Tom, now 20 years old at university in London, Ben 14, not sure what he wants to do, but so talkative when we last saw him.  He has been so quiet over the years, as for Lillie, the spoilt baby of the family, she must grow out of addiction to chocolate cake....
All through my photos are pictures of birthday occasions, they are looked forward to with great relish.  Matilda has expensive taste in clothes, and this year it is to be a coat she is to use her money, and already has one present, brought in the summer, a pale green radio, still packed away to be opened on her birthday - she has a very strong nature!


  1. Grandchildren - who would be without them? What pleasure they give us.