Monday, November 3, 2014

Bonfire Night

24 packets came in these tins.

In the 'olden' days, this is how I start a story about my childhood for the grandchildren....Well in the olden days on bonfire night, we would bake potatoes in the crisp tin box out on the bonfire in the garden, I can even see the spot, the vegetable plot.  Catherine wheels would be nailed to the fruit trees, 'volcanoes' would erupt at our feet, sparklers clasped in our gloved hands, and I think the rockets were anchored in the pop bottles.  So what are those bomb like sounds I have heard every night for the past few nights, as rockets flare across the sky - solitary pleasures of letting off the biggest most expensive firework....  It has somehow lost its way bonfire night, I am sure it is better in the smaller communities, when a great bonfire is built on the green, Bath always had an organised spectacular display. I suspect a lot of dogs will be happier when the fuss has died down and people stop letting off fireworks at every opportunity rather than one night which is the 5th!

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