Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Goth shop we pass on the way from parking the car.

Church house; A modern, large, and essentially featureless stone house, but well built and having loads of space.  But it was a bit of a surprise as we turned into the drive, the estate agent and his wide lense camera had lengthened the driveway several times, so at first it appeared quite small.  The owner is a smallholder, one of those lovely Yorkshire people you meet every now and then and we seemed to spend a couple of hours in his company touring the house. We wandered around outside afterwards, and certain problems arose with its location.  Basically it was very near the banked Severn river, and though the bank was still about 10 feet above the river you could see places where it had  been undercut and the soil had started to slip.
The garden abuts the church yard and this is rather an interesting feature, for instance you can look out of one of the sitting room's windows straight onto headstones, picturesque and the church was quite pretty to, at least you would have silent neighbours!  Well I could just about fit my hens and dog into the spaces, though it was all open plan and would need secure gates to stop said dog running through with muddy paws.  I think it lies on the table as a possibility..... Things in its favour, the bird life was superb in the churchyard

From the rather bare back garden, perhaps you should draw the curtains on All Saints night

Corner of the house

The church is much restored from the 17th century but the nave may date back to the 12th century
Time for coffee


  1. That little glance makes me want to see more.

  2. Nosy creatures ;) I'll find a photo in the brochure for you both..

  3. Me too. I love house-hunting!!! It has a very . . . quiet! . . . location anyway.