Thursday, November 27, 2014


The fresh blue of a campanula, with what looks like a nicotana in front and the feathery fronds of 'love in a mist' or nigella damascene to the side.

Two words chased through my mind this morning, egalitarianism and parasitical;  Partly Weavers of Grass blog fault yesterday when she talked about personae, it got me thinking how we see other people, what lense of the social eye do we siphon people through who we meet in the street, was class involved?
Things that make me mad (most of the news) Tony Blair being awarded the Save the Children award, and David Mellor and his stupid (and the man is stupid) swearing rant at the taxi driver.
So when L/S asks me first thing this morning what am I thinking, I say parasite, my mind on the bumble bees I rescued on cold spring mornings, when weak from the cold they lie on the ground. Taking them home, watering down some honey on cotton wool, then putting them in an old margarine tube, until when fully revived and furiously making their presence felt I would release them.  Well once one of the bees had small parasites crawling all over it, not sure if it was the varro creature, but I carefully picked them off with a pin.
Is a parasite though only following the rules of nature, the survival of the fittest? so therefore the human parasites that were tramping through my mind at the time, and here I include bankers, loan sharks, landlords and solicitors who live off other people's woes,  bad as I think they are, or are they not following the instinct of survival.
Getting cross at the news is not a good way to start the day, to ignore it though is to abdicate your responsibility to the people around you but one thing becomes more clear capitalism is not the answer but then is an egalitarian society any better? when the struggle to succeed leads to competition.  We are seeing at the moment the balance being tipped precariously towards capitalism and the old slave poor serving the rich folk, as in Roman times, how do we control the balance?
And after those musing a Happy Thanksgiving Day to all those on this American day of sailing safely to the New Land,;)


  1. Glad I made you think - that surely is the real aim of blogging. I thought the Mellor incident was stupid too.

  2. Not withstanding the Andrew Mitchell incident that has now cost so much....