Saturday, November 29, 2014


Today it is just photos, the early morning sun caught these berries with a couple of blackbirds feasting on them.  Then I remembered the fieldfares that should have arrived in November, perhaps this year the berries are so fruitful elsewhere they have not made it to this corner of Essex.  Also geese flying over, honking away, where were they going I wonder?  
Keisuke, the conservator at the Japanese department in the British Museum came the other day, to mark out what he would take, there are antique papers and books,  and they are sending a van to collect soon.  Lunch was sage and lemon chicken, with thinly cut roast potatoes, beans, and red cabbage (my favourite winter dish).  This is the third time I have met him, living with his young family in London is not the most ideal of situations and he will return to Japan next year.  Funnily enough he had been up North to the Lake District and York, and had wanted to taste the fish and chips of Whitby, if only he had known about the cottage.....

Berries waiting for the fieldfares...

I love dried flowers, a collection fading into cream

Fireplace with its collection.  The rocking horse was bought last Christmas, after I lost my favourite in the move.

At last finished, oatmeal blue faced leicester spun and knitted.


  1. Love the photographs Thelma - blue-faced Leicester very interesting. Some lucky child is getting this.

    1. No Pat it is big enough for me, heavy enough as well for snow in Yorkshire!

  2. I am VERY impressed by the home-spun, home-knitted blue-faced Leicester jumper. I have never been able to do cable . . .

    I am glad you have a replacement rocking horse - I can offer a slightly larger one!!! currently part of the window display at the antiques centre : )

    1. Haven't got space for a large one Jennie, but rocking horses always remind me of Xmas and presents. Cable is very simple by the way, as long as you keep the cable needle in the same place all the time.