Wednesday, November 26, 2014


This morning as I spun decided to listen to 1970's music.  The 1970s were for me the 10 years of being a widow, not miserably I hasten to add but with the mindset that I would never ever get married again. But listening to Don McClean singing 'American Pie' it bought back the memories of dancing around.  The first song though was YMCA, bringing back memories of taking a small Tom to playschool at the local  Bath YMCA branch just by Save The Children, where I volunteered a couple of days a week.  LS told me, something I never knew, that YMCA stands for Young Men's Christian Assocation, which of course makes sense of the words of the song.

Playing with wool, these wools have been hand painted as tops, so when you spin them they meld...


  1. The colours are beautiful Thelma - I do love variegated colour like this.

  2. Does not always knit up as well though, the art is in the making;)