Friday, November 21, 2014

The house saga

Yesterday we went back to see High Street Farm cottage, our first choice, LS wanted to measure one of the bedrooms for a study and we had a long cup of tea with Truda, going there for a meal on Saturday....  It was freezing cold, the garden is unkempt, yet still has that pull with the sun-trap wall. But there is a lot to do, kitchen to put in plus garage. The barn that Truda and her partner David live in, and are converting is enormous, and at this moment in time is full of building stuff.  The outside is finished, they have put in one of those underfloor heating systems in, one mile of cabling lies under the ground outside to capture heat, very complicated system.  A great battery of switches designate the different zones that is being heated, and the plan with the solar panels on the roof is to be self sufficient in energy, even getting paid for some of the electricity they produce.
Today we are off to see a third cottage, chocolate box is how I would describe it from the brochure, with  plenty of gothic type furniture inside, it should be interesting.  It has a spring LS says, hopefully it has mains as well, and a lovely looking garden. It is near Egton Bridge down a lane called Delve.
Which brings me to the fact we have not done any sightseeing of the countryside, something I miss, house hunting can be very boring.
We finished off the day yesterday with a meal at the Magpies, LS had oysters followed by squid and I had the salmon and haddock gratin which was delicious but rather rich. I cannot do oysters, they are not pleasant to look at, and squid is another no-no...
So tomorrow back to Church House for another look and then off to Newton-on-Rawcliffe.

Photos of Egton on a bleak January day in 2012

The chapel just outside the village.

gravestones looking out over the moor

A rather blurry Egton packhorse bridge

The river tumbling away

Like most large villages, Egton has no shop, just one pub, and a school.


  1. We have driven through Egton a few times, it loooks a nice village. The trouble is that you don't really know what a village is like until you live there.

    1. Yes I can tell a Newton on Rawcliffe story that happened just recently and has split the village in two, but another day for that...

  2. I love house hunting but I'm just so nosy! Pat is right about the village thing. We stayed in Chagford many, many times before we moved there which was incredibly helpful. Is the chocolate box one thatched? I would avoid thatch like the plague having owned one for a few years. Big insurance issues and maintenance....lovely and warm though. Good luck today.

    1. Yes thatch can be difficult and expensive to replace, so no it is not but what a surprise it was! Summary to follow..