Tuesday, November 25, 2014


One of three churches that reside next to each other in Brunswick Street
Lucid, transparent, pellucid - playing with words, trying to frame the atmosphere of light that we experienced as we drove back to Essex.  The last days of Autumn are glorious the branches of the trees are lightly framed in such glorious colours, starting from the lightest lemon, tumbling down through copper. gold, amber, orange and bronze.  The lattice branches making dark patterns against a grey sky.  Why was the light so lucid, I think because of the rain that had fallen  still hung in the air, the tyres swished through large puddles, occasionally hitting parts of the road that was flooded.
That was Sunday. Saturday had been a day of fog, driving across the moor there was nothing to see but the straight road ahead, the fog rolling back now and again as we hit a dip in the road.
Fog obliterates the world around you, a soft blanket and we did a lot of driving that day.  First visiting Church House where I managed to leave my camera in the pub.  A disaster that was only retrieved much later in the day.  We had gone to 'chat up' a would be neighbour, if we ever moved there and learn a few facts about the risk of flooding. Then driving to Newton-on-Rawcliffe, for a late lunch (Truda forgot to turn the oven on), and being greeted enthusiastically by their two dogs, as I looked up out of one window I saw their black Shetland ram standing looking forlorn in the mist, he seemed to have had four horn; he was forlorn because he is not allowed in with the sheep.
We have only seen three houses, that really was all there was to see, and balancing the last two we come out at 50% a piece each, so as I always say - we shall see, fate will have a hand in all this.....
Both of us agreed however that we love the cottage, and if we were rich enough we would keep it for ever.

I wanted to capture the roof lines between the two churches. Whitby is a crowded place, every square metre is covered by houses, of all shapes and sizes and ages as well.

Things to 'pin'  this is John Freeman's work, an artist who works in Whitby, and I happened to notice a painting of Delve Cottage at the selfsame cottage when we were there.... 

Little Beck by John Freeman


  1. Think I have the wrong beck, it is just outside Goathland..