Wednesday, December 3, 2014

And we don't even own a dog

Scary is it not? This came through the letterbox the other day, do we have a Stasi council, no I don't think so. But both of us said there are other ways to make a notice for dog fouling and not expecting neighbours to report on each other which it further went on to say....  Actually most people on the green clean up after their pets, well over 95%, and LS did point out yesterday, albeit on a very tricky council reply email that the dog refuse bin further along the path, was over full and people were piling little bags on top.  Clever, clever council for starting a campaign with one hand and not checking the bins with the other!

Something prettier, I bought some white alstromerias (Peruvian lilies) the other day, still in bud, but they have slowly started to unfold, reminding me of the fresh colours of the winter snowdrop, but also the strappy leaves of mistletoe.


  1. My god-daughter bought me a large bunch of mauve and white alstromerias for my Hallowe'en birthday. They were in tight bud and they lasted a good three weeks. I love them. They are one of my favourite flowers.
    I love that header too.

  2. Aren't they pretty, you can grow them as well, sandy soil with dry bottoms, so they don't like too much water, might try them in pots.