Saturday, December 13, 2014


I have been busy spinning, so it gives me time to listen to online talks, yesterday was Noam Chomsky, but today I picked up a rather beautiful 2 minutes of growing fungi by someone called
Louie Schwartzberg, so for two minutes be entranced by growing mushrooms. Though his job is a mycologist, he seems like another interesting philosophical strand to follow.  Nature is intelligent?
Mushroom photos are from 2013, the season is over but already we travel towards the shortest time of the year, and then we flip over as the days get longer, manouvre past Christmas and the two coldest months in the year and then into spring and growth!

A shaggy parasol


  1. I adore fungi - at present there are three or four different types under our Scots Pines. Our local deli sells a selection of mushrooms, there are six or seven different types and I really would love to try them in an omelette, but they are sucha price.

  2. Well Nigel Slater has a couple of interesting vegetarian recipes in the Observer for Xmas, one with about 750 grams of mushrooms, the other which I rather fancy is an aubergine dish rather like a gratin.