Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Watersplash - Henry Herbert La Thangue (1859-1929)

Just to return to one of my favourite paintings which is of geese, this painting always graced the stairs of the Victoria Gallery in Bath, and its warm sunny rural nature always gladdened the heart as you went up the steps to the gallery.  The painting went on a journey to America last year but has now safely returned.
Sad that these rather clumsy beautiful creatures make such good Christmas fare!


  1. Didn't know this painting at all Thelma, but I absolutely love it. I once had two geese which I reared but they becae very aggressive, almost killing a hen and finally attacking me, so I gave them to a friend who bred them. Luckily they were a breeding pair so he kept them for some years.

    1. They are of course aggressive protectors of territory, that is why I still think it is a goose on that Celtic shrine. Glad you like the painting, just seemed topical..

  2. I love that painting! I haven't seen it for years - thanks Thelma.