Thursday, December 11, 2014

Something to smile at...

Brilliant outtakes from Michael Bott and Rupert Soskin, when they made their 'Standing with Stones' Dvd.  It came to mind when Weaver of Grass mentioned Langdale axes, and there is a small sketch, can't think of a better word, when Rupert Soskin in the cold and mist on top of Langdale Pike's steep slopes tries to find a stone he has laid out previously.
The complete dvd is an excellent resource to finding your way round the Neolithic monuments of this country, and in truth a way of seeing the diverse landscapes Britain  offers.  There are chapters of Standing with Stone on Youtube should you wish to explore further.  Rupert starts with a monument just outside Bath - Stoney Littleton long barrow.

Langdale Axescape


  1. Thelma, I can't tell you how overawed the farmer and his family were when they first found the axe head. To hold it is to somehow feel the past. We also have plenty of whorl weights and think of all the folk who have been using them as they walked along. I have seen them being used still in the Taurus Mountains of Turkey.

  2. Interesting about the whorl weights, I have a table top loom, but never use it but those Bronze age vertical looms weighted the warp down... Put a link up to the Pike of Stickle...