Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

I have just made some crap peanut butter biscuits, hopefully they will taste better than they look! It is almost upon us and I am feeling a little sad for the family.  It was much easier for us to stay here in Chelmsford, but I miss my son and Ephraim, (when he is quiet of course). The grandchildren will be anticipating Xmas, the tree done, pressies spread around.  They have grown so quickly in the passing years giving so much fun and enjoyment, their parents coping with the problems that today's world beset them with..... And for my partner Paul, who is always by my side and I adore, I am quite happy with him ;).
You will never see a photo of Paul on the internet, he is quite handsome but unfortunately a nasty incident with a photo of his made him declare never again. I am incredibly proud of my son and daughter, my son for his gentle nature and my daughter who is so much more than me, always holding down a job and looking after four wonderful children.  And Darron their father, he transformed the cottage for me, as he has with their houses, a love of DIY methinks. They now have disco lights round their aga!

Me, with my lousy camera, this is a favourite mirror that now resides in my daughter's house

Grandchildren. Some time in the past


Mark in Accra

The family at the Fox and Raven

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