Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sheer waffle - Tuesday

Today a Buddha painting will dominate the page for awhile because I am feeling rather homesick for Yorkshire, or more precisely the moors. (So how do you marry those two up?)  When I woke up this morning, it was very cold, frost on the roof of the shed and the whole picture bathed in that beautiful pink glow only cold can bring. The phone rings, the BM van won't start, they will try to come this afternoon, and that is why memories of this enormous painting on the work bench comes fleeting through my mind.  The Australian (actually he did originally come from Chelmsford) had it delivered a couple of years ago for restoration and it became my favourite, it eventually went on to auction in Europe somewhere.

The Buddha seated calm attitude is what I would like to achieve as well but my magpie mind chatters away to itself refusing to be quiet.  In actual fact there were I think two statues in the Celtic shrine of  Roquerpertuse  who were also in the lotus position which I featured yesterday.

So why the moors, I think it is the clear calm coldness of today, though of course this being England we shall probably see rain by this afternoon.  To walk on the moors is not easy, the thick heather catches at ones ankles, the ground is often wet and squelches underfoot, then there are the rocks that lie so easily near the surface.  Sheep dot the dark heathers, and if you walk quietly you will spot grouse hiding in the undergrowth.  Once I came upon blue harebells by the side of the road, such a pleasant shock, and if I was better informed as to what was the difference between ling and heather, I could even find them!

Trees are few and far  on the moors, apart from forestry plantations, hawthorn bushes shaped by the winds are what you would see and of course in the deeper hollows of the sheltering valleys.

But if you go down to my favourite spot, the trees line the beck that tumbles over  obstructive  rocks, the brown waters creaming against the grey of the rock.  Here you will find where the beck crosses the lane, the beautiful rowans following its course, several trees have seeded themselves.  Here one's mind can rest, in that space of water, rock and tree.

To begin at the beginning or Under Milkwood a short trailer in Welsh...


  1. You will probablybe pleased you are not on those moors tomorrow as the forecast for up here is for horrendous winds - but yes, in general I agree they are beautiful, especially the harebells, which also grow in our field margins under the hedges in our fields. They are such a clear blue.

    Love that buddha photograph. I have an alabaster buddha i bought when I was eighteen. It is one of my most treasured possessions.

  2. Yes the news has been full of the winds and snow sweeping over Scotland and the North, we are just getting the smaller 'after shocks'. When I was 18 and foolish, read nearly everything on different religions but never came up with an answer!