Saturday, December 27, 2014

Post Christmas

We also roasted chestnuts on this fire

Well we had a very good christmas, got up fairly early had a conversation on F/B with my daughter and then my son phoned which made my day.  LS said it was the best Xmas he had ever had, we cooked together, my yorkshire puddings came up beautifully, and the very expensive piece of fillet steak he had bought (£14) was savoured by him, me I kept to the vegetables!
We went a walk on xmas eve, and I took photos of the grasses in the small garden that is part of the 'green space' round here.  No snow has arrived down this part of the world it seems more centrally spaced.  The rose above was part of the scene, there were several roses in fact, they must be hardy coming from high mountain reaches.
Today I wake up with a migraine headache, but have ordered two books for my birthday in January, my mind and fingers itch to work!  The children have all emailed their thank you letters, I give them money, on the understanding that it is much better for them to choose what they like rather then receive presents they don't like, and today their is a shopping spree to Leeds planned I believe...  

Strange Japanese statue, she always gets her bouquet at Xmas

Feelin Good;  Naamfon the elephant has her freedom after 63 years working as a tourist elephant, rejoice in this 15 minute video....

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