Saturday, August 8, 2015

All Change?

This caught my eye today, it is in The Tate Gallery , Liverpool. It sort of makes you giggle, the bare bum surrounded by a great heap of clothes.  Probably a statement on our terrible waste of clothes that ends up in charity shops.

The other picture that caught my eye this morning was the Guardian cartoon by Martin Watson....

I like the idea of having to work the picture out, Boris Johnson making a bid for being the leader of the conservatives, I just thought that Theresa May had sent him packing with his idea  (and buying) of water cannons to subdue the populace of London!  Yesterday I read The Times, today I read the Guardian, and of course it is all change in the Labour party as well, what interesting times we live in!!

But I shall return to planting the plants I bought yesterday, this garden will cost a bomb to stock with shrubs, fruit trees and new plants,  also of course the fencing and gate (where are you Mr.Gospel?) and hedging.

Though there is about a 100 foot of bed to fill, most of it has been filled with similar plants. Sedums at the back, two campanulas at the front then dianthus. The stone at the back hides an old pipe that comes from the pub.  The other day, LS was astonished to find that the gate to the passage between us and them had been bolted from their side! The land actually belongs to us and is needed for repair for the pub and our fencing, but he went round and visited our very young sweet pub licensee, Harriet, who said that someone else had done it and it would be remedied.

The cape daisy made it from Chelmswood and is now flowering happily.

Almost emptied of boxes, this room is to be another workroom, bed sofa for stray guests...


  1. .Glad to see you are slowly getting there. As to filling gardens - at least you are doing it at the right time of year and there may well be a few shows with garden stalls where you might pick up a good shrub on your wanted list.

  2. The nursery at Kirkbymoorside is fairly good, she sells three for £7.00 and has a good selection, even her David Austin roses are cheaper than the actual DH site.

  3. Thelma - if you want good plants at sensible prices, head for your nearest car boot sale. You will be surprised at how much more sensibly priced - if not downright CHEAP - plants are there, compared with a certain chain of rip-off garden centres. Today in Cheddar I got a gorgeous lime green Hydrangea for just £6.99. I can send you lots of Aquilegia seeds should you so desire!

    1. Please do Jennie I love Aquilegias ;). Not a car boot person, get confused by all the noise and chaos. There is someone up the road selling bits and bobs of plants, nothing I like though. Will start sowing seeds next year want to get a few 'wild' plants in the garden.

  4. The Guardian cartoonist is Martin Rowson - a very engaging chap and great cartoonist. I discovered more about him when I visited Shandy Hall at Coxwold a couple of years ago. In their shop I found his illustrated book about Tristram Shandy and later read a copy of his excellent autobiographical book "Stuff" which records his memories of his adoptive parents as he sorts through the accumulation of belongings in his childhood home, after his father's death.

  5. I have always loved the Guardian cartoons, some of course are so deep and dark it takes ages to work them out.