Thursday, August 20, 2015


Horcum Hole
Coming back from Whitby today over the moors, and the vivid purple of the heather is at its best,  the underpinning of  the softer tones of fireweed flowers highlights it's colour. Cotton grass has gone over though I saw one pale patch, and the mists as we travelled down gave an ethereal feel to the 'canyon' that flows through the moor, with the dark line of the old railway track at its bottom.  Unfortunately I haven't taken my camera out these last few days, so no photos....

Yesterday, we went to Helmsley, a pretty, 'chocolate box' town reminding me of Lacock village.  It had the same honey-toned stone, lots of tea houses and tourist shops, we wandered around for half an hour, walked up to the castle, past a long fence of sweet peas of every colour.  This fronted a garden that grew vegetables and soft fruit in abundance.  We are going back soon, it is only 7 miles down the road, and 1 mile from Rievalaux  Abbey, so a day's outing probably.

It was a busy day yesterday, family called in to bring their sheets from the cottage, and then off we went to Kirkbymoorside, and then on to Helmsley.  Got back and the extra chicken run had arrived, so put it together and now the hens have extra space, though they would dearly love to be free ranging.  Three eggs arrive every day, so we are going to have a surplus soon, think I shall give them away..... 

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