Sunday, August 2, 2015


Whilst my daughter was here a few days ago, she jumped on an old photo album, apparently she had thought she had lost it years ago and had always felt guilty.  In it were photographs of me on holiday with friends, and as we are three generations now we compared our looks, and if we were similar.
But in the photo below I have just arrived with a friend in Ireland and she has taken the picture.
The first thing to notice is the mini van, this was my second mini, I had learnt to drive before I reached driving age, so eager was I to get a car.  And I remember my grandfather giving me an old black  Ford Prefect car at Xmas just before my birthday in January, he rolled the car down the driveway in the night, so I would wake up to the car in the morning.

I remember this mini van being hoisted by crane on to the boat to Ireland, and we then motored around Ireland, having quite a few adventures but that young me looks assured, I very much doubt it though, skinny at least.  Remember I raced a glass salesman for miles along an empty road, till we arrived at a pub.  The following photo brings back the memory of two young boys, barefoot and in homemade trousers demanding money for the photo of the donkeys.

The thing is I have only ever driven geared cars, I am very reluctant to go to automatic gears, I have tried LS's car, but it seems complicated, and I can't quite trust the car to do what I want.....
So apart from chickens, a dog and curtains another uncertainty has been added to the "what ifs"


  1. A sad smile for the two barefoot lads demanding money for the photo of the donkeys. Thank God we have never known poverty like that.

    The young you looks very lean and confident. I can remember bewailing that I was too thin and had no "chest", both of which comments were listened to and remedied by the powers that be!!!

    I used to have an automatic, and they're actually easy-peasy to drive, but of course, the Doblo is geared and being a Fiat, can be a fierce little thing despite it's non aero-dynamic shape!

    Do you have a personal car now, or is it a case of sharing LS's?

  2. Jennie I haven't driven for 6 years at the least, LS's car is automatic, and too big for me. When Karen picked out that photo it made me realise the difference between us, she is so confident and even Matilda with her ice glass coolness seems well removed from my nervousness ;)
    I remember wanting a bosom as well, Diane Dors not quite, but more than I had at least. We were so skinny in those days..................