Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday - Raining

Red sky at night 'Shepherds delight', this is not true it is absolutely p****** down this morning, I have covered the run for the hens, and we should have an extension run for it coming later today.

Life is busy, curtains to hang this morning, baking for LS, who seems to be eternally hungry in the evening, must be the fresh air.  All the wheat/barley (can't tell the difference) must be in, for the aroma of muck spreading, though faint is on the air, and I saw a large truckload go through yesterday evening.  It always reminds me of the town of Gruyere in Switzerland, that faint whiff of the stable yard, a smell actually I love, cheese being a great favourite and especially a good fondue, with its mix of emmenthal and gruyere.

Music plays constantly on the radio, I cannot believe the nonsense that is coming out of it as far as the labour party is concerned, talk about cutting ones own throat, and so publicly that is what is most distasteful!  We need a damn good revolution to clear the air of centre politics......

Gruyere - photos
The family last year

About 40 years ago


  1. Yes, the rain has just about reached us - and we have hay down. The difference between what and barley? Barley has spikes between the grains, wheat doesn't.

  2. Duly noted Pat, the spikes I mean.