Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Market Day

Pickering: This long narrow passage way, leads to the Thirsk main road, my eye was caught by the weeds that grow from the top of the towers, you can't really see them in the photo though, in the chapel on the other side of the road.  Monday is market day, a cornucopia of cheap goods, vegetables, dog baskets, clothes and jams. We wandered around, I bought some wool to knit a jumper for LS and some lemon curd, I have a fancy for lemon meringue pie.  Also, joined the library and have come back with half a dozen books, very helpful people in the library, though rather small.....
We grab a sandwich from the Co-op and along with other people who do the same, eat them by the river and LS catches up on the messages on his mobile, the only place we can get it to work.  You must not feed the ducks, big fine otherwise, but I notice people do it surreptitiously.

We drive home through the lanes, the verges are thick with wild flowers still, and my mind takes in this voluptuous natural bounty.  On Sunday I filled in a form for a retired working 8 year old spaniel at a dog rescue centre in Thirsk, but sadly as she pointed out on the phone, he would probably take great delight in chasing my chickens round and killing them, so no Taz for us!

These last two photos are of the village before ours, it is neat and pretty, but these tidy cottages are very pristine, and perhaps reflect the problem of owning a car, there is nowhere to put one except on the road,  Notice how there are wide verges to the cottages, must have been a green in days gone by.

This is the river that runs through our village, I see the giant leaf plant is there, can it be Gunnera?

Marton village


  1. Marton reminds me a little of East Witton near us, where there is a large village green. Pickering I do know a little - I would have thought Monday an odd day for market day though.
    I do love to hear of you gently settling in to the place.
    Think you are probably right about Gunnera.
    Also right possibly about that Spaniel, sadly.

  2. Hi Pat, it is an odd day for a market, especially selling fish which one small stall did. Yes sad about Taz, he looked a bundle of fun, and had a happy grin, if such a thing is possible. Think it is best to go to Thirsk though and look at the dogs.