Monday, August 31, 2015

Kirkdale grave yard - facing East

The photos that did not appear in the blog below, every stone facing into the deep, dark wood, and of course the Hodge Beck that must run through it.

A glimpse of 'eternity'!

The old venerable tree that greets you at the gate

Falling 'dangerous' gravestones. Perhaps these are our Georgian ancestors.  I found someone who was a 101 years old though.

Just by the church a 'prehistoric' stone perhaps?

Sectioned off, this is I think a war remembrance part.  Note the belt on the cross.

No acknowledgements on 10 of the similar graves, all just planted with I think perennial geraniums.

4 sheep are meant to keep the grave yard clear, not doing a particularly good job

A tangle of roots?

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