Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday and pigeons

Today it rains, early rising this morning and the pigeons sit mournfully on the church and one on the gravestones.  These pigeons are part of the backdrop to our lives, crashing through the trees, the hollow sound of their wings sweeping low as we drink our coffee in the garden.  They fight and mate on a daily basis, idiotic birds.

This one on a gravestone

The rest, dotted on the roofs.

A different god overlooks the scene

Breakfast scene and the warmth of a candle to chase away the grey and loneliness
When it is grey, patchworks have a wonderful way of brightening the mood, yesterday I got the new materials out and played around with them for the quilt, if you can't think big, think small I had read, so I made them up into squares. My workroom is also having colour attached.....

Curtains have been ordered, and I think we are just down to one window to choose some for.  A blessed relief.  One of the things I haven't mentioned is the kitchen.  I call it posh, a) because it has one of those eye level grills and ovens set separately, and b) because we have inherited a dishwasher. Never been used by us (£8 for those dishwasher balls says LS, cheaper to hand wash!) and for two it is hardly a chore.  This house once featured on 'Escape to the Country' obviously the people (a baker and his wife did not buy it), he said because of the kitchen.  Everyone wants somewhere to sit round the table in the kitchen on those programmes, the dining room to a degree has been obsolete for years now..... This kitchen has lots of cupboards, and extends into an 'L' shape utility which has more cupboards, the joy of being able to spread everything out is tempered by the fact of trying to find things!  But at least I can have cheese on toast on the grill, something I have lived without for 7 years..
I should get back to my history, but messing around with my sewing machine takes centre stage at the moment..


  1. Living with an Aga for the past twenty years makes we so envious of anyone who can make proper cheese on toast.

    1. And there was me wanting an Aga most of my life, if I had known it would not do cheese on toast, gone off one straight away;)

  2. I'd love some pictures of your kitchen, please !!

  3. Not sure if they would be that impressive Mundi, but the set up is very practical. Perhaps one day, we are as a matter of interest overlooked by the churchyard in the kitchen, and have had a blind added to that window....

  4. I recall it from Escape to the Country, so have just a vague idea of how it looks. Just as well they didn't buy it then!

    Tell LS I agree with him - cheaper to wash by hand, and less chemicals . . .

    I love your table runner btw.

  5. The table runner is a paisley shawl I think, £4 from a charity shop, pretty, soft brown and went well with the new table. I presume dishwashers make a noise anyway, or at least chug as they go through the washing, so I doubt we will use it.