Saturday, August 22, 2015


Impatiens Glandilifera, or Himalayan Balsam or Policemen's helmet, it covers the river at the back for a mile, nothing else grows there apart from the giant gunnera, which can be just as thuggish.  Himalayan Balsam, is one of the three 'aliens' species not welcomed in this country, the other two are Japanese Knotweed and the Giant Hogweed. 

It is a bit scary, a pretty 'triffid' plant introduced in 1835, now romps along our rivers with artful ease, it is destructive of local plants and as it dies down in winter can cause the banks of the river to slide into the water.


  1. We are not particularly troubled by it here - I think it really does prefer damp places. But it is really difficult to eradicate.
    Is there any heather out on the moors yet?
    East Witton Fell which we can see from our front gate, is pink over and looks wonderful.
    Love Helmsley but haven't been for a while. Usually go when the tourists have gone.

  2. Hi Pat, the moors are awash with that soft purple, think it is at its best at the moment the heather. Cotton grass has died back, its whiteness slightly out of place. It was very crowded at Helmsley, will go back when it is quieter.