Wednesday, September 2, 2015


If you look at the window closely, you will see the imprint of a bird, LS reckons it is an owl, I think maybe one of the clumsy wood pigeons that lollop around in the garden.  Span of wings either side and the breast feathers in the centre - poor creature.
This morning has been looking for duvet covers on the internet to match the bedroom curtains colour, I fancy Indian material but everything is pricey, all comes down to the fact that LS wants a warm colour, and I have always loved the ochre base which results in warm red/browns and yellows of Indian fabric.
Our swallows are still with us though Bovey Belle's in Wales have flown to warmer climes, so the next season is on its way.  The workmen have erected scaffolding against the church to take down drainpipes, they haven't touched where the swallows nest yet as they are still going in and out.
The hens as regular as ever, produce three eggs a day between them, and I worry about using them all up.  Scotch eggs, madeira cake, scrambled eggs each morning, I have never had so many eggs.   Omelettes of course, with chips.  Ever since I bought that fryer three weeks ago LS has made chips, he is over the moon with the fryer, yesterday we had tempura of various vegetables;  he likes to cook Japanese, which can be either noodle or rice based, though the ingredients are difficult to find out here and it looks like he needs to order over the internet from London.
One of his old friends is a saki wine distributor, he lives in Hawaii, but every year comes over to London to sell his saki to the restaurants, he should be coming up to us in December, that is of course if the weather here in Yorkshire isn't impassable with snow.
We are also to have a small Japanese garden down the side of the house, it is very overcast dull (no sun) and will welcome ferns, though how to get moss to grow is another thing.


  1. We had a very similar imprint a few weeks ago which I posted on my blog. It was a wood pigeon we are pretty certain and there was no dead bird, so it didn't necessarily die. Don't be sure you will be snowed up because some years we have no snow at all up here. (that will definitely be the signal for heavy snowfall this winter!)

  2. Yes I remember that post Pat, the imprint must be formed by the 'grease' perhaps on the body of the bird. Quite like snow, its ability to centre you in one place and survive ;)