Thursday, September 3, 2015

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Whilst we watch the sad unfolding of an enormous migration to Europe and wonder what to do, there are basic things we can do, send money to non-governmental bodies, nag our politicians to do more, discuss the situation rationally amongst the people we know.  The Independent has some of the answers.  Icelandic people have voted above their prime minister, who only wanted to help 50 displaced people, but 11,000 Icelandic people have offered to house some of the refugees.
So we watch, and wonder how it will all play out, as thousands of people flock to Europe for sanctuary, will Cameron at least soften his hard line approach?  Will an influx of a different religious group to a basically Christian/Secular Europe, have an unexpected, maybe even a catastrophic effect on socially peaceful groups?  There are so many questions and so many people to house and feed.....

Germany - Munich Railway station;

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