Friday, September 11, 2015

Outings - Rievaulx Abbey

Just a couple of photos of Rievaulx Abbey which we visited today.  Sitting deep in the valley with  the steep Hambledon hills all around, the ruins are at their most 'picturesque'.  I wonder what it really would have been like in its heyday.  Noisy, smelly, people wandering in and out of the infirmary, pilgrims camped outside.  There would have been animals as well, and all the accompanying noise of the abbey food kitchen, bells ringing.  All happening in this deep secluded valley well away from the towns....

Looking south

surrounded by hills

The later nave

The alter


  1. One of my favourite Abbeys - and there are plenty to go at in North Yorkshire. Have you been to the Terrace so that you can look down on the Abbey?

  2. Not yet Pat, another outing, we should really join English Heritage, but have never done so, the man at the desk did try to convince me though.