Sunday, September 27, 2015

A day of quietitude

What to write about, nothing much is happening in the garden, Sue brought me a dwarf budleia which has been planted, but I cannot buy any bushes until the fence is up.  This should start happening tomorrow, I have also been looking at the Blue Cross animal rescue site the last few weeks for a dog, and have just filed an application for a black spaniel, 8 and half years old called Tia, whether I shall get her or not remains in the lap of the gods, and the judgement of the people at Blue Cross which is at Thirsk.
I have ordered spring bulbs, not arrived yet and want to go to Castle Howard nursery centre for a hedge for the front of the house.  Then there is the Lavender place just down the road from Castle Howard to York which everything is on hold once more.
This photo of the shadowed hare on the wall, is something I see when we have coffee in the morning, it reminds me of the rabbit I see out of the window occasionally, a dark silhouette in the field.

Evening sun lighting up the coke house
William Cowper the poet kept three hares as pets, he wrote a poem about Tiney, and his last hare Puss lived to 11 years of age.  He seemed to have lived on the edge of his nerves, any grief unsettling him. Attempts at suicide, then being placed in an asylum, for a couple of years; modern divination puts it down to 'manic depression'.  But it wise to remember him in the evening, with his three hares playing on the 'turkish rug' that was their green field, his gentle manner making note of their mannerisms.........


  1. I collect hares in various forms - statues, pottery, cards etc. - they are my favourite animal, maybe because as a child they were much more common in the flat lands of Lincolnshire.
    Hope you get the spaniel. I hear good reports of Blue Cross in Thirsk.

  2. Hi Pat, as they have not come back think I lost out on the spaniel, keep trying or maybe get a puppy.. Was offered one way down in Cornwall a week ago, a beautiful collie pup, but it is a long way to go...

  3. Now you've done it, someone else to learn about (Cowper). I am on the first of two splendid biographies about Coleridge at present though (downstairs reading) so that should keep me going quite a while and in the meantime, the pile of books to read gets ever-higher and is quite a stack now - I keep coming across them it seems!

    Your house always looks so serene, peaceful and TIDY (unlike here, where I really MUST sort out the hall today as that became the dumping ground for everything from the Fleamarket the other day. We have a Militaria Fair on Sunday so the other stuff will get tidied away and the Militaria stacked neatly-ish.)

    The new fence looks lovely and planting it up will be a pleasure. I love the sound of the lavender place too. Fingers crossed you get Tia - you are an excellent home, and there most of the time, so they should look benevolently on you.

    1. Well Cowper seems a gentle fellow, a bit like John Clare I suppose in his 'moments of madness', all to do with the creative force perhaps. Must buy more books....

      I am not very tidy, LS of course is, and I do not collect either which helps.For instance my study is definitely untidy, patchworks, etc but I did buy a large chest of drawers for storing stuff.

      The fencing is finished, the gates up, they have worked very hard the men and I admire their workmanship. As for Tia well I lost out on her, and Emily who was already out on a trial week, but I shall keep persevering..