Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday and its Sunny!

A tranquil cottage in the village of Rievaulx
It rained in a biblical fashion yesterday, the road outside was flooded, and the cars swooshed through the water sending little silver waves scuttling down the tarmac.  Of course other parts of the world experienced a different flooding as here in Japan. By evening the waters had disappeared, there seems to be a problem with the drains here at the end of the village. when we walked up to the bridge the other day, they had been strengthening the banks of the river, must take a photo!
The town of Pickering floods every now and then, and to stop this a reservoir has been built up on the moors to catch the water as it flows down from the moor, our river Seven has also been included in the catchment area.. The land around here was of course marshy right up to the medieval period, and the strong Scandinavian influence in the names of the villages round here, point to these colonists farming the inferior low lying land.  Though now of course as the grain and straw moves through the village on a daily basis, this land is yielding a rich harvest.  Sadly of course this makes the price of wheat go down, as the farmers are already adding to the remains of a good harvest from last year.

Edit;  LS has been talking to N across the road, apparently, there is a valve in the drain just past the pub, which stops the river back washing into the village, so yesterday the valve blocked the water going down from the village into the river.

Pickering bund flood defences;


  1. That torrential rain did not reach as far inland as The Dales, but I understand it might do so later today. Glad you weren't too badly affected.

  2. It was a very heavy downpour, but no damage, hope it passes you by....