Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Everything is quiet, the two men who have been erecting the fence are coming today at 10 to finish making the gates, the 'wall' has gone up!  Chickens should be pleased because they will have the run of the garden eventually.  The men worked efficiently over the two days and got a lot done without too much damage to the garden, now we must start to plan some beds and what to plant.
Photos are higgledy piggledy, a young hedgehog in the grave yard, apples from a neighbour over the road, (we will be trading eggs) and a find from the holes dug,  a small pottery, maybe mustard pot, and a small glass bottle, which should go into the small 'Victorian shop' that the 'apple' neighbour has made in his cottage.

before and after photos

LS pondered long and hard on angles to this fence, we are copying the slanting design of the pub next door, the small gate is an afterthought, because of roaming animals and opening the large gates......


  1. An interesting set of photographs Thelma. I am amazed just how quickly you have settled into the area, but then remembered that you do already have a cottage not too far away. Do you keep the cottage open over winter?
    Aren't we having the most wonderful autumn weather up here.

  2. The weather is gorgeous, a true Indian Summer, though of course it will change next week. The cottage always has to have the heating on low for insurance purposes, and we may stay there for a couple of nights soon. Still do not know what to do about it....