Tuesday, September 8, 2015

News time

broke that in the region of Durrington Walls, the supposed 'living' area of the Stonehenge landscape, there are buried 90 large megaliths in a slightly half moon shape under the bank.  Not new news,  this had been noted in 2011, and one wonders if there is something else lying underneath this appearance of a new archaeological wonder the archaeologists wanted to highlight.  When I say living area I mean the place where the people lived,  the area around Stonehenge stone circle is considered the place of the dead. 

There are arbitrary theories, made by different archaeologists, and may have relevance or may not, each theory comes backed by a book but there is never a whole answer.... so a timely poem for this 'great discovery' which is after all just another piece in the jigsaw that is the Stonehenge Landscape project,

                                                  A Game of Henge - Stonehenge

Phillip Gross

A game of Henge, my masters?
The pieces are set. We lost the box
with instructions years ago.

Do you see Hangman? Or
Clock Patience? Building bricks
the gods grew out of? Dominoes?

It's your move. You're in the ring
of the hills, of the stones, of the walls
of your skull. You want to go?

You want out? Good - that's
the game. Whichever way you turn
are doors. Choose. Step through, so...

And whichever world you stumble into
will be different from all the others, only
what they might have been,
you'll never know.

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