Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Going Slow

The sun is just breaking through the mist, a day to be  spent with people coming to do things.  The antique man is coming to look at the chairs in the garage, the electrician from Whitby to put up an outside lamp.
A blog started and never finished, but they have both gone clutching half a dozen eggs each! I started to browse other blogs, and came across this 'slow movement', in this instance not slow food, but the slow wardrobe , and immediately became inspired, it was on Tom Holland's blog, a person who teaches darning, and the blog I followed through was to Wovember.
Well I do not have a large wardrobe of clothes, I replace when needed, in fact only half a wardrobe, three dresses, a few skirts and jeans. I do however knit, so I have plenty of jumpers, and also spin, which I have just started again.  The wool I am spinning at the moment is blue faced leicester, and my latest knitting project, which I wasn't quite happy with is finished, and I am on to my next piece of knitting.  What I am looking forward to is making a cot blanket for a baby yet to be born in December, LS's first grandchild, and boy is he happy over this event, for he thought he would never become a grandfather....

The sweater spun and knitted, which did not turn out too badly..

Patching and darning could of course become fashionable, remember patching my old tent when I was widowed, and my daughter and I had holidays in it, it looked pretty the blue fly cover patched in Laura Ashley materials....


  1. I used to do a lot of free machine embroidery and a lot of patchwork, crochet and knitting. Sadly, because of a shake in my hands I find hand work much harder these days - even threading up machine or ordinary needle is nigh on impossible but I find plenty of other things to do. The farmer has just pointed out the absolutely wonderful sunset - hope you are seeing the same one.

  2. Yes, and of course the wonderful half moon that hangs like a nursery rhyme picture in the sky, as we have now passed the equinox, we go towards the colder seasons Pat. I find threading needles difficult as well but it could be down to needing new glasses.....