Wednesday, April 21, 2021

21st April 2021


Thomas Musgrave Fox.  He has the painting wrong, only 4 men and one woman survived, her two children were drowned.

For those in Peril on the Sea

Pat on her blog has asked for heroes/heroines to remember.  And my mind went back to childhood, Florence Nightingale and Grace Darling came to mind in my storybooks.

But Grace's heroic rescuing of survivors in Forfarshire, Scotland brought also to mind another heroic act that happened in 1881 when the ship 'The Visitor' was in trouble in winter.  It happened in Robin Hood's Bay, but the only lifeboat was in Whitby, a distance of 6 miles roughly. So with 200 men clearing the snow ahead of the boat which was pulled by 18 horses, they hauled the lifeboat over the snow, in about two hours and were able to rescue the people on The Visitor on their second attempt.

Henry Freeman was the coxswain at the time, his history can be found at the Whitby Museum.

Prince Philip had the hymn sung at his funeral service, a reminder I think that as a country we are surrounded by the sea which can be very rough at times.  Walk the Pembrokeshire coast and look down on drowned boats, and yet people were brave enough to face up to these terrible seas, lose their lives maybe just to rescue fellow human beings.

The house is empty, everything I did Lucy would be there, so there are a lot of tears at the moment but I shall keep busy with such recollections as above.


  1. Our lifeboatmen are so very brave. Similar rescues took place in the late 1800s, one at Porlock Weir. Coxswain Henry Blogg from Cromer received many awards during his service. Sorry to hear about Lucy, sending hugs.

  2. (((HUGS))) to you Thelma. Losing a pet is hard at the best of times.

    Some heroic deeds done in saving people in peril on the sea, and we should always support the RNLI.

  3. How scary it looks to be out on the rough seas. I live far from any ocean so will never have that experience. Thank goodness!
    Hope lovely memories of Lucy bring you comfort.

  4. Nothing wrong with tears Thelma, whoever they are for - they help to relieve the tension and eventually the sadness.

  5. I've been to Whitby lifeboat station and also the Farne Islands where Grace Darling rescued the crew of the ship called the Forfarshire. It's a fantastic boat trip from Seahouses if you ever go there. But there must be something wrong with my ears. They talked about all the birds that nest on the Farne Islands: puffins, cormorants, gulls, guillemots, terns

  6. A house feels awfully empty right after a death. Thinking of you on this lonely day.

  7. Well answering you all, yesterday was sunny, and a friend called in with a bunch of yellow roses and I went to the new Co-op, which I shall write about. So good things. Tasker surely it was good all those sea birds on the Farne Isles. Our Yorkshire pair of sea eagles are apparently a couple of 'teenagers' flown over from Europe on a strong wind....


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