Tuesday, April 13, 2021

This and that

 Just been drinking my coffee as I listened to 'Life Scientific', the person interviewed was Professor Dame Theresa Marteau, and she was talking about behavioural changes to help towards keeping disease and obesity at bay.  Little things we already know, small plate size, smaller wine glasses, lift doors that are slow to open thereby making you take the stairs.

I remembered the daily visits I took to York hospital and the people I saw there.  There were quite a lot of over large middle aged men about in the wards, and my mind said they have been indulging through their lives without counting the cost, I thought it was wrong to put such a heavy burden on the NHS.  (No pun intended;)

Now this can be seen as a righteous thought and totally unworthy, and I am sure the caring community of nurses did not judge that way.  But an odd incident happened.  One day travelling up in the lift there was a nurse wheeling an obese man in a wheelchair.  On his lap were all the things you are not supposed to eat, crisps, lots of chocolate bar and drinks.  He must have caught the drift of my look, for he looked straight into my eyes and seemed to challenge me to say something.  Coward as always I didn't but just smiled to move the moment away.

Today I learn that thousands have been in touch with the BBC moaning about the overall coverage of the death of Phillip and not being able to see their favourite programmes - God forbid!

Perhaps we should all grow up and actually see what is happening in the outside world before we moan about temporary loss of television programmes.  There was an interesting programme last night on something I mentioned the other day - the plight of delivery people and the use of contract less jobs leaving them to the vagaries of the market.  Sorry can't help my need to get cross....


  1. The trouble is Thelma we live alone and have time to think - not a good idea in these times at the moment when there is so much injustice, so many things to irritate and nobody in our house to use as a sound bnoard.
    I was sad to see today the death of Baroness Shirley Williams - always a woman I admired greatly as I did her mother before her. Now there was a woman who spoke her mind. Not enough of us about like that these days. Let's get out in the sunshine this afternoon and get some vitamin D into our systems.

    1. I am always thinking Pat;) being alone is frustrating and boring but does not stop me doing things, one of which is explore. Yes Shirley Williams death was also sad, though they did not give it much air time! I think she came to an end when they started that new party, she was an old school politician. Thatcher was the first to break the mould when she became PM.

  2. I don't think me and Weaver were bad people, or any less respectful of the Duke of Edinburgh, nor loved him less than anyone else, when we expressed dismay on Friday evening about the BBC scheduling.

    1. Not implying bad or good Rachel, funnily enough just read something about all the complaints, and people are even complaining that it is too easy to complain. Who did 'routine' the other day, it just seemed like that to me. Perhaps the BBC did blunder but it wasn't really that important and everyone has access to other programmes.


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