Friday, June 11, 2021

Catching up on news


Lilibet;  Pretty nickname, but a proper name? The naming of the new baby of Harry and Meghan has 'family tradition' written all over it, though I notice Meghan's family have been left out.  Well it is a royal side show that will be lived out in the press, but I guess when that little girl grows up she will be cross with her name.

Starbuck shortages;  They have only owned up to oat milk, I just knew that when veganism hit the streets there would not be enough almond or oat milk to go around.  First world problem of course.  Create a new fad and you will run out of the necessary items.  Wait till the world gets hotter and the coffee bean crops fail then there will be a revolution.

G7 Summit 2021;  They are all arriving in planes, well maybe it is convenient for most world leaders flying to an island, but Johnson who took a private jet could have taken the train down to Cornwall.  Note I did not say drive, anyone who has been to Cornwall will know the state of the busy roads and especially the A30 means delays.  Thousands of police comb the coastal paths round St. Ives and the hotel and there seems to be a warship patrolling out to sea. 

Why Cornwall? at the farthest tip of the British Isles, this slightly rebellious county who would be quite happy with independence.  The coast walk round the Carbis Hotel is swarming with police, the tourists in this small pretty town must be on tenterhooks as they are refused access to beaches.

Saint Ives.

"Legal Purism" Another new term to remake the words of an agreement which is going astray.  This was said by Lord Frost to the EU.


  1. The cost of President Biden's journey from the US runs into tens of thousands of pounds - as does the cost of extra policing (and thousands more police needed) - - can't help thinking it would have been sensible to hold it in a London hotel.

  2. Might have been more dangerous though in London Pat. I suppose they can enjoy a holiday atmosphere whilst they talk seriously. Carrie Johnson and Jill Biden had fun on the beach.

  3. I've just commented on Weaver's blog that not much of the enormous amounts of money spent will have gone into the local area.

  4. Cornwall is the county that shows how money ruins the livelihood of the people. Holiday homes that are way out of the price of the young, tourists that crowd the small tiny villages and towns and no industry to speak of.


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