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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

18th January 2022

I haven't been listening to the news today but just noted on Greenpeace the following photo.  Only in this country with an outmoded government system could the Lords  defend our Civil Rights. What can you say?


  1. Before their recent bastardisation by the Blair government and others, the Lords did serve a frequently useful safeguard and reflection service, being at that time much less overtly (party) political. Certainly the Blair reforms coupled with the removal of the Law Lords and their replacement by the Supreme Court in my opinion has been a disaster.

    1. Thank you for a logical answer. My feeling was and is that there should always be enough blocks between the thinking and then the doing of an act. The House of Lords, though criticised by many, fulfils a safety net. Just like 12 good men and women on a jury.
      Also this government throws anything into the ring when they are in trouble to distract us. Whether it is the BBC or the Right to Protest.


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