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Sunday, January 23, 2022

23/01/22 - prodding the memories

Sunday and it is cloudy once more.  What to write, well I have pottered through my photos, stopped at Xmas 2016 but thought I might go with pubs.  Paul loved pubs and their beers of course so we visited quite a few.  But locally to the village of Normanby we had the one next door run by two young sisters.  A traditional pub with a pool room and a small restaurant.  Lucy was a good cook, and during the covid period made meals to takeaway.

It was definitely an old fashioned pub, you would meet parties of farmers, a mole catcher once and the village held their annual get togethers in it, with a lot of shouting and good cheer.  The Xmas 'do' had a raffle and you would win whatever presents people had brought in.

Our other pub was at Wombleton, a good place for a meal till it came under new management, people who had retired early and thought they could run a pub, losing our nice friendly manager was a blow for us and the over fussing of the new people got on one's nerves.

The Sun Inn, think they are trying to play some music

Family down for Xmas

Yes the Wombletons did live in this village

But I was talking about December, and the memories that came back in that month.  Lucy snoozing on the sofa completely uninspired by her presents. The moment when Father Xmas came through the village, and I thought of all the work the Rotary Club had done to march in the dark through our villages, though they probably had back up cars.

She was very good at choosing her toys at Castle Howard's garden centre.  They kept everything low just like they do for children! And Lucy loved it.
Other photos that came through were early spring flowers, the Cawthorn Roman Practice Camps and the great stone in the church yard in East Yorkshire.


  1. Replies
    1. True! Mentioned in the Domesday Book, not far from Kirkdale with its very old church.

    2. Funnily enough it has got a recycling centre down a long lane.

  2. Some dogs just have that knack of choosing their toys don't they?

    1. She always got a biscuit at the counter as well, they knew how to lure in customers;)

  3. Poor Father Christmas, at Lucy's mercy.

  4. Strange how the pictures of your Paul seem distant or shadowy. Even in the familiar first picture he's not really looking into the camera because of the bright sunlight.

    1. He was a very quiet person, and did not push himself forward I suppose is the answer. In the folder I have of him, he always has a smile, and occasionally he poses for the camera ;)


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