Saturday, November 14, 2009

Autumn storms and the last of the leaves

A photo of the 'quiet' before the next storm

As the rain and wind beat against the windows this morning, with the storms that are making their way from Wales to the east coast. ....

A group of trees across the green, with the last silvered leaves in its topmost branches, become illuminated against a western dark louring sky from the sun who was making a brave but futile gesture in the east this morning.... with a touch of photoshopping to make it more dramatic...


  1. Excellent photo - and if you hadn't mentioned the "touch-up" I'd have been none the wiser!

    Here in Wales we have flooding of course . . .

  2. It was only a small touch-up BB ;). I bet you have much more dramatic photos of the river in flood - that is of course if you can get out.....

  3. Have boat - will travel Thelma! Nah - we have an alternative route as if we go up the hill we can usually get to the A40.


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