Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nishijin Textile Centre - Kyoto -2

Up till recently I owned a beautiful four shaft table top loom, it looked complicated and was, and I realised I needed another lifetime to get to grips with it, so as a change was happening in my life, I put it on Freecycle, and surprisingly it was snapped up pretty quick and it left in the back of someone's station-wagon, and I kept my simple rigid heddle loom to play around with. But I am still fascinated by these complicated creatures that require a great deal of patience and understanding. The following are patterns that are created by shaft looms, though one looks as if the warp has been handpainted........


  1. These are superb photos. Many of my friends are weavers and I shall direct them here. My main love is dyeing and making paper so I find them fascinating too.As always, an interesting read. Lesley

  2. Well my partner took the photos but they are very useful, as a reference for looms. I have some photos of natural Japanese dyes as well somewhere.....will also bookmark your site for reference to paper making, which we both would like to take up!

  3. Thelma,

    Whilst I can make paper I know of a papermaker who actually runs workshops in making Japanese papers. She runs courses occasionally in the Bristol area and if you want the contact details please let me know. Lesley

  4. Hi Thats interesting about the course, though we do live in Essex but would'nt mind her details...
    But one of the things that my partner is going to do sometime is putting in a separate blog an article he wrote in 'Orientations' about Japanese Papermaking (by Paul Wills.)need to scan all the photos though. I been looking at the 'laced' books which look simple and have got the Loki paper from 'Fibrecrafts' which sell such things....


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