Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Walk

Today the wind and rain is beating against the window, but yesterday we had another fine warm Autumn day, a few fireworks on the green but no 'trick or treating'. So we went for a walk in the afternoon, though we stopped off down a lane to buy some vegetables. A smallholding, we get our logs from here, plants and vegetables. Yesterday a large homegrown cauliflower and a 'hispi' cabbage, plus those classic flowers of autumn - chrysantheums, a lovely red brown bronze colour. Pansy plants for the garden, I'm sure she makes no money from selling her stuff, but its nice to see and buy something local.
The walk was around a field which we occasionally stop at. Here once I watched a pheasant and his mate solemnly drink from a puddle and then off into the field they wandered. Today I saw another (same?) but he ran across the road and did'nt stop running till he was a little speck in the ploughed field. There was a lot of young pheasants in the field, so perhaps they are his offspring.

We wandered around our field, past holly in the hedge with bright red berries, along the ridge the tractor makes, fresh mallow leaves of the little meadow plant, mushrooms and toadstools grace the trackway, I would have picked them but was'nt allowed to - a mushroom course is called for. My mobile beeped, a text message from a friend who had read my blog and as I texted back, I remembered Sandy Tostvig's story on the radio that morning.
She had been out with an oldish friend and her mobile had bleeped - the friend turned to her with astonishment - 'is'nt that clever, they can find you even when they don't know where you are'
We have come along way with technology thats for sure, for the last three weeks my 'other half' has 'researched' the best notebook laptop to buy, he now owns one, and its fully fired to work on the wireless system (which I don't understand) but my computer also works on wireless.
Its miniaturisation is of course also mirrored in the new mobiles which can also go on the internet but the thought of having the internet with one permanently does'nt bear thinking about.


  1. Snap - I was listening to Sandy Tosvig too, and smiled at that! I would like to buy more stuff locally but no road-side stalls here like there used to be in Hampshire when I was growing up, or PYO farms like the ones we used to go to in Dorset. I did get a lovely fresh locally-grown cauli from a market stall yesterday though.

    I'm not surprized that pheasant did a runner when it saw you - the shooting season's started!

    I'm just off to inspect the flooding, camera in hand!

  2. Yes, saw how its flooded on your blog in your corner of the world, and no electricity, but a lovely candlelight photo to make up for it all!
    Given all te pumpkins round, which take an age to eat, let alone cut out, thought I might suggest to her some other squashes to grow...butternut, little gem, turks head/cap or whatever...


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