Monday, May 3, 2010

Bank Holiday

The campaigning goes nauseatingly on, 72 hours of more purgatory and the economic situation as gloomy as ever. I cannot believe that the weather has changed so much after taking the above photo last week on a lovely warm sunny day. A north wind doth truly blow, its freezing, my tomato plants (18 inches high) are miserable, and to be fetched back into the shed soon. The pink cherry blossoms, only just come out, are scattering on the lawn, and the birds are hungry as well, pots of various salad leaves have done well, radishes as well and the spinach; the poor pansies are being blown hither and thither in the strong wind.
Luckily austerity does'nt worry me ;), the amount we owe as a country is mind-boggling, but as ever my mind says where does all this money really exist, is it real in gold bars, or bank notes in the bank, or is it so much scribble on paper.......
We seem to have forgotten the drama of the Icelandic volcano a few days ago, the drama of the blackened sky caught in the glint of this ponies eye, it must have been awe-inspiring; now its just promises, promises, promises from our politicians.

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