Friday, May 7, 2010

Its over

Any good news, well it looks like a coalition government, maybe proportional representation is on the horizon, and there is the first green canditate in parliament - Caroline Lucas, who is a damn good spokesman for said party. So we will have a lot of muddle over the next few weeks, the commentators will have worn themselves out and we shall be facing 'cuts' in spending. Who is going to take the knife to public services I wonder? All in all we are still in a mess...
Going out for meals each evening with friends who are staying in the area. First night was the Waterfront, where surprisingly everyone had a pasta dish, why is it that I am beginning to see the same old ingredients and menus in every restaurant. The pasta dish was'nt bad, rocket, and artichoke in a cream sauce (too rich) but twice baked small souffles looked interesting.
Yesterday Loch Fyne fish restaurant, I should have chosen something simple and plain but instead opted for the fish and chips, which made me very ill today. The restaurant was crowded, many more women dine with each other than with male companions. Someone had squid, and my love, char-grilled salmon which I found salty.
Tonight probably Indian, though I shall probably go with plain rice and yoghurt and a salad, though I wish we could make our own salad dressings. End of moan, but everything seems, especially the Fox and Raven, too much cheese, cream, chips, and a melange of vegetables with some undescribable sauce. And I'm getting sick of onion 'marmalades'.


  1. Do you ever eat in, is the cooker broken?

  2. Hmmm - never made (or eaten!) onion "marmalade" in my life. The best food I've ever eaten is made by my friend's husband who is a chef and now teaches cookery at college. You can taste the individual ingredients in his dishes, which are absolutely SUBLIME.

  3. Willow, the cooker is not broken! tommorrow I will cook a proper roast chicken with all trimmings;)

    BB, onion marmalades are cooked to a sticky sweetness a bit like a chutney, think its something to do with french naming..

    The Indian food was superb, a light touch on all the dishes!


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