Saturday, May 8, 2010

A weekend of unrule

Not misrule of course, but the fact that we are leaderless until some of our politicians get their act together. Well I have'nt been dormant, 'people politics' are coalescing as well, so emails to the liberal autocracy, plus some petition signing, may help in that much needed call for a proper voting system!
Marina Hyde's campaign trail article is articulated with her usual cutting, beautifully ascerbic tongue;...Once it emerged that we'd forked out for some sod's moat to be cleaned, the public would'nt bother gasting its flabber for anything less that Gordon dined on sauteed kittens every night"
Simon Hoggart's dry wit and Marina's wicked tongue are always the first things I read in the Saturday Guardian; there are reams of coverage, the tv and radio blast out all day; presenters have a shocked incredulousness, and to be quite honest amongst all that quacking, they don't know either.
It is a time of uncertainty and wit, we are once again in the hands of party politiking, a jousting for place and power by a few. Lets hope the grandees of the liberal party, Ashdown and Steele, get the show going in the right direction.

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