Friday, May 14, 2010


Bluebells in Blake Wood; And of course patches of stitchwort and yellow archangel. From bare earth a few weeks ago, an absolute feast of bluebells, and stitchwort also decorates the hedge banks profusely. Although the weather is so cold, trees in blossom and the wild flowers seem to be everywhere. The great horsechestnuts are out as well. The rolling softness of the many tree colours of green, freshly minted is also beautiful.
The 'drenched' blue of the bluebell, is down to colour change. As the flower spikes unfold it is a deep, deep bluey-violet, midway in their growing period, a lighter blue streaked with lines of purple, as the bell opens out it is a much lighter blue.

A patch of stitchwort

This house which we passed yesterday, never ceases to amaze me, the pink paintwork echoing the colour of the great pink horse chestnuts tree.


  1. Gorgeous house! I did a bluebell post (or 2!) this week too. They are so beautiful right now. And the perfume . . .

  2. Such a fabulous photo of the bluebell wood. It is such a special time of year and this photo captures it exactly.We are so lucky to still have such magical places to walk in. Lesley


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