Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Good things and bad things.

My dear friend J phoned up yesterday evening, we both have problems with our phones but it was lovely to hear her chatter.  She has had the same problem with Daisy's garden centre bringing the wrong stuff, instead of one pot of a dozen sweet peas, they delivered 12 pots.  Also had one of those Jacquie Lawson cards from a friend in America, she lived in Lampeter, and when we were young we went out dancing in Aberayron, and then she moved to America with her husband and only occasionally came back to England.

In the background the radio only has one subject, criticising the leader of America at the moment, but the subject of this virus dominates the airwaves all the time.

Quibbling now, there is not enough testing but that of course means because the testing gear needs to be structured to meet the demand.  But one thing must never be forgotten and that is a lack of humanity.  For all those who say a 'few thousand old people death's will not be important' that sort of thinking is the downward  slippery slope of morality.  Care homes have been neglected, perhaps because because they were not thought of as important, but their workers are also front line workers and need testing quickly.

Next of course is the 'economy' it will bring devastating effects world wide and also in this country.  But remember this (tongue in cheek) the Conservatives are fighting for their own survival, so in a way they are fighting for ours!

But a moral question: If large quantities of vaccinations come on the market, where should they go?  For instance morally it would be kinder to see they go to places like Africa and India because of their much larger populations, not diverting them like a president, who thinks nothing of taking other people's stuff to further his own career.

 Back to 'fluffy' things  Here the sun shines, as life springs with a strong force, nature is oblivious to suffering of course.  My small kitten is settling down to the garden, follows the bantams around and plays with them.  She even snoozed on the step of the french doors in the sun, think she needs a flea treatment though.  My friend in Cornwall wrote yesterday, he raises working collies and has a new pup in training, and I can just see him with his few sheep in the large field he owns with Spottie on a lead.

The calm aspect of an Eric Ravilous painting...............The sweeping curves of the downs, very female you can almost see why in prehistory the Mother goddess was worshipped.


  1. I love his painting, especially for its tranquility Thelma. As to the virus - the News is so saturated with it all and so much of it just makes me despair, that I have decided to only listen once a day. I do my 'allowed' walk with Percy round the estate and the windows are full of rainbows and that does me more good.

    1. The natural world is a beautiful place at the moment but the actuality of what is happening around the world has to be recognised if we are to arrive at a solution.

  2. I also love the nostalgia of that painting. Makes me sigh. The virus will be distributed first to the rich and powerful, as always. Our President (now a killer by neglect) has managed to ensure global hatred now.

  3. I truly do not understand how he remains in office. One foolish remark after another falls from his lips, he is a danger to mankind.

  4. A soothing picture. I try to stay three days behind on the news.

  5. Probably a sensible option, the news having passed is of course completely different....


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