Saturday, April 4, 2020

Strangely happy for once

I woke up this morning to the sound of the radio at 6ish, I do not sleep well at night, so often have the radio on during the night.  It was a nature programme these two young people and their three young children were self-isolating at home in the garden. And the two adults were talking about the swans, geese and red kites in their Chiltern garden next to the river.  It was a perfect moment of how times have changed, as broadcasters stare down from assorted rooms (often small) rooms in their own houses and talk to us.  Just one of the changes we experience in this time of self-isolation, and it is a very pleasant change.  Will, when everything returns to some sort of 'normal' this be the future?
I gathered myself together at 6.30 and get up to the sun rising in the East an orange tinge to everything, my little kitten 'Green Eyes' was already peering over the wall for breakfast, so pot of tea made, I went into the garden, the sound of the woodpecker drumming away in the distance.  Fed her biscuits, opened the doors to the chicken coop.  My two nameless bantams have been supplying me with delicious small eggs, deep yellow yolks that colour homemade mayonnaise and cakes the colour of a daffodil.
Yesterday, the man from the garden centre left his box of green grocery on the door steps, with food also for the birds, half my bill covered that.  But as my feeders twirl merrily on the whirligig clothes line at least I shall have entertainment of an avian form.
Rod the gardener comes today to cut the lawn, he will either come with his daughter or wife to do a speedy job (mmm).  He will stand the necessary space needed from the front door and I suppose I will place his money on the doorstep.
Life goes on but in a different way! virtual tours will be resumed later.


  1. The Steve Backshall/Helen Glover broadcast from their home this morning was really good and beautiful sunshine to get up to too - looks like a really good day.

  2. Thank you for that Sue I am terrible with names but I so enjoyed their enthusiasm and youth, and their toddler was so sweet.

  3. That sounds a lovely programme. When I wandered out into the yard just now there were a pair of Kites over the house. It always lifts my heart to see them.

    It is positively balmy out there, with the weather coming up from the South. I am looking forward to being able to sit outside on the patio with my book (nearly 900 pages, so that should keep me going for a while!)

    1. Enjoy your book Jennie, I have never seen kites, but apparently in the programme they mentioned that in the air, two birds lock claws and then fall in a death defying spin to the earth at the last moment breaking free to fly up again.

  4. Your post made me happy too Thelma. Strange how we are beginning to get pleasure from the simple things in life - and yes, perhaps this will stay with us when all the Covid 19 is but a memory. Green Eyes really sounds to have adopted you now.

  5. The kitten plays in the garden in the evening, watching the bantams as they stay out till the last moment of light. Found her stalking a chaffinch this morning which wasn't so good though.
    Rod has just been, phoned me in the house from the garden which was so funny, he also mended my gate. He phoned to see if I had paid my garden waste licence, which I had but it had come off the bin and needs tying on with some string.

  6. My cat has green eyes. I considered naming him Lucky, but the family beat me with Toby.

  7. This little kitten has beautiful green eyes, I don't want to keep her though. Just had yesterday another hen and cockerel in the garden, turning into a zoo!


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