Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Life in the village

Yesterday I talked to three people ;) It makes me laugh at the pathetic note I have just achieved, for I was so happy planting my beans into the big plastic gardening bags, a job well done.  Now on the path today a small pot of sweet peas stand from a friend. 
Who were the three people, well my son for one in Bath,  Nigel across the road for another.  I  had  just cut down the top of a hawthorn bush that has grown exponentially over the winter rains outside the fencing at the front, there are at least five of them.  It was David who had drawn my attention to them because he offered to trim them.  I talked to Nigel and offered him the cuttings for his goats, we all worry about his wife in this lockdown as she has to have treatment at the hospital but it seems she is still getting it.  I also worry about his goats and sheep as well, because every day he sets off with Sasha his dog and a plastic sack over his shoulder to cut down more branches for his livestock.
Then Jo phoned in the afternoon, to talk and as always she made me laugh about the tale of the large pork chops from Daisys.  The trouble with Daisy Garden Centre that having grasped the nettle of online selling and branching out into food, they have overstretched their capabilities.  And now everything gets put in one box, i.e.  frozen dripping pork chops with seed packets and of course sweet pea pot plants, I just knew she would have to offer me one of the dozen plant pots.
So we move from day to day in our worlds, cold today but the sun is trying to break through, perhaps it will be warm enough when Irene comes to talk over the wall at 3 p.m. But hopefully it will not be too long because I don't have much news!


  1. Thelma it is very cold here today - everybody passing in anoraks and woolly hats rather than yesterday's shorts and flip flops. It is also now raining heavily and that is so good for our gardens. I hope it goes on for the rest of the day but the sky begins to look a bit brighter.

    1. Well we did not have so much rain but enough to wet the ground Pat. I wish the cold would go away, though my plants are doing fine.

  2. I wish I had bought shares in Daisy Garden Centre. It sounds like they are doing quite well out of The Great Virus. A bit like Tesco's and other chain supermarkets. It feels like the loveliness of April is giving way to a more unsettled Maytime.

  3. There has been a lot of voluntary work round here, our neighbouring village has put out a list of all people ready to deliver stuff but a friend was wondering yesterday how legal is it? But then I went to the Co-op today, was I in the letter of the law? ;)

  4. Isn't it strange how these small snippets of conversation seem so special now we cannot go out as normal?

    I think Garden Centres round here must be opening up again (in desperation I assume) as I've seen a couple advertising on Facebook. Not that that is any help to me, who is meant to keep away from The Big Wide World! Perhaps I shall be able to get a delivery but it's not the same as having a slow wander round a garden centre, deciding what plant to treat yourself to.

    Much colder here too, an a fair amount of rain has fallen, but we got a walk in between heavy showers.

    Enjoy your sweet peas - ours need to go in a tub outside and be given something to scramble up.

  5. I bought one of those obelisks last year for sweet peas, so that will be there home. I think people are creating ways to get round their selling as they are 'forced' to stay at home. I notice people are getting irritated about their loss of freedom to choose, but then, we have to work as a society and not for the individuals so called freedom.


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